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Why is a calendar marketing strategy a worthwhile investment of time and money?

Calendars are a cost effective way to market your company. They are purchased yearly by the majority of people and used as a way to keep track of important dates and appointments at a glance. Despite the growing popularity of the internet and accessing things online, it’s still convenient to have a print calendar on the wall in a kitchen, bedroom or home office to add a bit of decoration and organisational function to a room.

You can take advantage of the everyday need a calendar satisfies by designing and giving away free calendars to your customers. Your calendar could highlight times when your company’s most important sales will be taking place, so potential and current customers can know when they can get the best deals and will likely spread the word to friends and family.

To best utilise the free calendar as a marketing tool, you may want to create multiple calendars customised for different demographics (men, women, teens, young adults, older adults, retired seniors). For teens and young adults, include strategically placed QR codes with each month’s photograph that lead to your company’s social media platforms or informative videos that teens and young adults can watch and share. For older adults and seniors, include coupons they can cut out and present to get a discount on products they purchase.

Feature photographs of carefully chosen products each month that will be captivate each demographic. Potential and current customers will know you care about them as diverse individuals and groups, and you will stay connected with them to ensure a new or continued mutually beneficial relationship.

Every day holds the possibility of an appointment that needs to be remembered; a product that needs to be purchased; a birthday, anniversary or holiday that needs to be celebrated. It’s your job as a company to meet your potential and future customers’ needs by providing reminders that you want to meet those needs. Customers who feel taken care of by the company they trust, helps to build a stronger relationship.

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Types of calendars

  • CD Calendar: The calendar is sized to fit into a CD cover and, as a result, can stand on any flat surface, such as a desktop.
  • Wirebound A-Frame Desktop Calendar:Colourful and decorative, this spiral bound calendar offers a quick reference to important dates and will brighten up any desk.
  • Tent Calendar: Colourful and decorative, printed on two sides only, this calendar offers a quick reference to important dates and will brighten up any desk.
  • Deskpad Calendar: This calendar is very easy to use. It sits on your desktop allowing you quick, at-a-glance reference to important dates.
  • Wall Calendar: Comes in various sizes from A3 up to A1. Portrait or Landscape orientated this makes a colourful calendar to keep − or an impressive gift.

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