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The discipline of package design focuses on producing a container that will get noticed. By skillfully teaming colorful graphics, a unique shape, or any other eye-arresting method, the package designer is a key player in any company's marketing effort. No matter how beneficial the product inside the container may be, unless a consumer decides to pick it up, that product will never get tested.

Packaging is more than just your product's pretty face. Your package design may affect everything from breakage rates in shipment to whether stores will be willing to stock it. For example, "displayability" is an important concern.

Packaging design is not just about looking good, it is technically oriented and requires a fairly in-depth knowledge of printing and production. Printing for packaging has some very specific limitations, and you need to understand the production process. There are very specific constraints, and we design for them and integrate them into the whole process. When the consumer is holding a product, it needs to be the exact same visual representation the marketing decision was based on in the beginning.

Packaging Design
Packaging Design
Packaging Design
Packaging Design

distribution-related packaging considerations include:

  • Labeling. You may be required to include certain information on the label of your product when it is distributed in specific ways. For example, labels of food products sold in retail outlets must contain information about their ingredients and nutritional value.
  • Opening. If your product is one that will be distributed in such a way that customers will want to − and should be able to − sample or examine it before buying, your packaging will have to be easy to open and to reclose. If, on the other hand, your product should not be opened by anyone other than the purchaser − an over-the-counter medication, for instance − then the packaging will have to be designed to resist and reveal tampering.
  • Size. If your product must be shipped a long distance to its distribution point, then bulky or heavy packaging may add too much to transportation costs.
  • Durability. Many products endure rough handling between their production point and their ultimate consumer. If your distribution system can't be relied upon to protect your product, your packaging will have to do the job.

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