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Good, now that you have reached us, you'll never have to Google the words
"Branding Agencies in Pretoria" or "Web design in Pretoria" again.

Nico Grobler Design and Advertising (NGDA) is a below the line graphic design, web design and branding agency situated on a small farm in the East of Pretoria. We enjoy fresh air, freshly ground coffee and all the divine things in life and as such we singular, visual and creative, marketing solutions.

Established in 1987, means that we have been around the block a number of times and can offer our clients a collective 20+ years of experience in the field of graphic design, web design and branding. Today we have a large and diverse client-base with clients as far afield as Seychelles and Cayman Islands.

We are a marketing and advertising agency that can certainly take your brand to the next level. From logo design and corporate identities all the way through to websites, e-mail or internet marketing to photography − and this even from a helicopter if required.

We understand the complexity and intricacies of a new brand and that it needs to be simplified into a single visual icon. The development of such a brand, or logo is an evolutionary process of growing a concept into a logo idea and then into an end product that achieves the goal of appealing to your ideal target market while gaining your buy-in as the business owner.

Your logo being the identifying mark of your company, has to visually communicate what you do, and how your customers can benefit from your product or company in one visual image or icon. It has to convey your professionalism and trustworthiness with a first impression, and with consistent advertising and marketing, it must be the first image your customer will think of when they need your services.

In today’s digital and fast paced world, you only get one chance to make that first impression and you must make that count! Our goal is to make yours count!

Having said all this, there is one thing that did not change for us over the years, and that is our dedication to our clients and our ability to listen while keeping costs and overheads as low as possible.


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