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Your business image and brand development are closely knitted to the type of communication you use.

All of your collateral (brochures, fliers, fact sheets, sales or corporate folders and posters) should communicate important messages about your organisation. The designs should be clean, elegant, modern and up to date with your latest products and services.

The appearance of the communication vehicle can make or break the service or product. Make use of our professional design services for brochures, newsletters and folders to set your product or service apart from that offered by your competition and to ensure that the collateral will convey a sense of value.

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Why is brochure design a must for any business?

  • Brand Enhancement: A major function of a brochure is to make your brand look good, thus, bringing some real business value to your organisation by promoting your products and services the right way.
  • Event Awareness: If you are looking forward to organising a major event; brochures are always the best way to tell people about it. The event, venue, timing and what it concerns, do not take too much time to read. Hence, distributing flyers to people get the job done easily.
  • Product & Services Promotion: What can be a better way to let people know about your products, services and any upcoming offers, than through a brochure; especially when you have a restricted budget? It can contain images of your products, services and offers, and also the text explaining them. What else do you need?

Brochures are effective communication vehicles for highlighting important facts about your product, event, promotion or service while also giving the reader added information without overwhelming them with too much information.

Brochures are read most carefully by those who are ready to buy or who have just purchased and who now want to validate their decisions. At NGDA we focus on the important elements that makes brochures effective.

We will design your brochure with your most comitted customers in mind. By doing so, we will focus on the benefits and promises that customers can count on when they work with your business.


Branded Corporate / Marketing Folders

You need branded corporate, otherwise known as marketing folders, to present your quotations, brochures and proposals in a professional way to your potencial clients.

Whether you are making a business presentation, handing out information at trade shows, professional corporate folders are an excellent way to organise and conveniently keep all of your marketing collateral together.


Launching and maintaining newsletters

Newsletters are informal, friend-to-friend communications that deliver newsworthy information, useful updates, reminders of what your business does, and ideas of interest and use to newsletter recipients.

What are the benefits of Newsletters?

  • Build credibility and reputaion
  • Privide a means of frequent communication
  • Deliver news from your company and your industry
  • Answer questions, usually through a question-and-answer column
  • Offer tips that enhance the credibility of your business while also building customer confidence and loyalty
  • Share profiles of employees, customers, and success stories
  • Convey industry information
Eskort Newsletter

Why use NGDA's design services?

  • Affordability − we understand that you want to keep marketing costs within your budget range and thus offer competitive design rates.
  • Superior customer service − we give professional, personalised service and guarantee the quality of our work.
  • Fast-turnaround time − getting the brochure, newsletter or folder published in time is never a problem when using our design services.
  • Expertise − we have a proven track record of successfully completed brochure design projects.
  • Effectiveness − we focus on the elements that will make the newsletter, brochure or folder more effective.

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