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What is Graphic Design?

Did you know graphic design is also known as communication design or visual communication. It is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. It can be for a multitude of purposes, from the design of a single company logo to a billboard, or from a company’s annual report to the layout of a magazine. It can also be for any purpose, whether commercial, educational, cultural, or political

Why is it important to use professional, qualified Graphic Designers?

Professional design can be recognized in an instant. Qualified and experienced designers know how to arrange type, form, and image. Presenting your company to your target audience by using cheap, unprofessional design will inadvertently create the impression that your product or service offering is unprofessional.

As professional graphic designers we do not simply follow the latest trends and design styles, but aim to create design that is timeless and unique. To enable us to do this we follow a specific process.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Our Process

  • Research: Information gathering phase. Research client offering(s) market and competative landscape. Analysis of goals and objectives of client offering(s) to deliver design and content in an effective campaign.
  • Vizualize: Critical thinking phase. Develop conceptual strategy and approach using analysis and conclusions of data gathered. Conceptualize visual presentation methods based upon strengths of client offering(s).
  • Design: Articulation phase. Create the visual architecture of the conceptual approach. Explore / develop color, type treatment, look and feel of the design. Present comps and sketches for client review and discussion.
  • Create: Production phase. Designs created in final format for print production and / or media outputs, online integration or media presentation as needed. Production and delivery of deliverables.

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